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What are Stair Towers?


Stair towers are scaffolding systems used to reach working places in a safe way by integrating into basic excavation areas, roofs of buildings, high supporting scaffolds or another working scaffolds.


Why would I use them?


Because they are specifically designed to get where to work in the safest way. This system has standardized stairs, powerful load-bearing columns and fully secure safety fences. Both high and low level working places are available to do planned tasks through stair towers. One or more people should be at any floor of the stair tower at the same time. It’s possible to use stairs with customized width and height at floors in accordance with type of job and height of working area. Depending on your request, special reaching stairs should be installed.


Why Blaize Scaffolding Services for this job?


To be in good hands both for choosing the best-suited stair tower and for installation of that in accordance with your requested project please call us at 0121 752 2967 or 07979 597 979.