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What is Suspended Scaffolding?


They are scaffolding systems to move vertically working generally through electrical motor drive. The platforms create safe working places suspending by steel ropes attached on top of the building’s roof. Suspended scaffoldings are quite easy to use for exterior thermal sheathing and insulation works, building painting, maintenance, cleaning and so on.


Why would I use it?


Installation and uninstallation of the scaffolding, checking an already installed scaffold are jobs to take too long time. On the other hand the jobs on buildings are sometimes as easy as only cleaning the exterior. In this kind of cases assembly and disassembly of the scaffold is requested to be as fast as possible. Since suspended scaffoldings have easy setup and movement, they definitely are time-saving and labor-friendly systems.


Why Blaize Scaffolding Services for this job?


We understand that wasting time is wasting money during planned exterior tasks. Therefore delivering the work right on time and on a reasonable budget for every single project is under our guarantee. To have a robustly designed and perfectly constructed suspended scaffolding from a dedicated experience please call us on 0121 752 2967 or 07979 597 979.